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When searching for wedding dresses it didn’t cross my mind to consider a bespoke dress, I thought it would be a little daunting, as I didn’t have a clear version on what I wanted. After trying on countless shop wedding dresses my attention turned to highly recommended, Victoria Sanders Studio. From the first conversation we had, Victoria captured my thoughts, personality and style instantly. We had a number of fun and exciting meet ups and when I saw everything come together I was completely wowed by how it felt and how beautiful it looked. Victoria has an incredible eye for design. The end result was everything I could have ever wanted, and that's entirely due to Victoria’s brilliance." 
Carly Dimmond
She's not here but I wanted to make a special mention of Victoria who is so much more than just a designer who worked together with me and my mum on our dresses.The thing I dreaded most about today was being here without my grandma, because I knew how much she wanted to be here- and how we'd miss her today. I didn't want her to be only present here through her absence, because she's such a fundamental part of who I am, who our family is, and so Victoria gave us the ultimate gift. She worked together with me and my mum and took a photograph of granny at my parents wedding and created a print from it which turned into the silk fabric of mums dress. It really feels like this allows granny to be here, and to dance with us too. When I look at our photos they will always tie us today to those who made us who we are.
Shout out to the queen @victoria_sanders_studio for my dream dress. We first met in her studio when it was 32 degrees, I sweated my way through her collection but she took all of my rambles "bad ass sleeves" "thistles", "orange" and turned it into something magical. The whole process was perfect and so personal... I couldn't have asked for more.