Lyons Den

I wanted to create a wallpaper  that would be both perfect for a nursery or a grand hallway, suitable for both the young and the young at heart.

A friend looking for a wallpaper for her own nursery inspired this design. I began drawing during her pregnancy and many months of work later, the design is complete just in time for baby Maggies arrival. Her surname is Lyons, therefore Lions had to be the theme of the wallpaper. I am fascinated with Tanzania and the immense ecosystems of the Serengeti and Kitula national parks. We decided on this being the setting for the design. Loving the idea of incorporating hot air balloons into the wallpaper, an animal led safari started to shape the story. I love the traditional french toile style of wallpaper, so delicate, chic and intricate; it seemed the perfect way to layout and colourise it. The design escalated from there, with endless additions and tweaks, but the devil really is in the detail for this one. Spot all the little hidden creatures and read the tale interwoven into the wallpaper…

Welcome to ‘The Lyons den’

-Victoria x

Spectre Ikat

A wonderous spectrum of colour to disperse across your walls in an eye catching, hand painted geometric ikat form.


Our 'Exotica' mural design transports you into a rich, eclectic jungle utopia. A feast for the eyes, this hand-drawn design incorporates a vast array of wildlife, flora and fauna to create this structured and impactful mirage. Exotica comes in Noir, Dusky Petrol & Parchment colourways.

Habla de tu marca

Un alegre mural de pradera de verano se inspira en la hermosa campiña inglesa. Pensamientos, amapolas, cosmos, acianos, ranúnculos y campanillas, por nombrar solo algunas de las flores que aparecen en este diseño sumamente intrincado.

Nuestro diseño 'Botánica' viene en colores verde (arriba), tiza y pergamino (abajo).

Habla de tu marca

Una ilusión caleidoscópica creada a partir de mariposas bellamente dibujadas a mano.

Nuestro diseño 'Papilio' viene en combinaciones de colores Jewel (arriba), Eau De Nil y Parchment (abajo).

Plethora of Pansies

"The pansy flower represents the thoughts of lovers, shared before a word is spoken. Named for the French word for “thought” (pensee), the pansy was said to be a charmed flower, possessing telepathic magic. Attending to the plucked bloom, you could hear your lover’s thoughts. The pansy is not a brash flower; it does not stand tall and proud, demanding attention. Instead, it’s gentle upturned face and petals seem to only ask one thing: think of me, keep me in your thoughts."

- A Victorian Flower Dictionary & The Meaning of Flowers